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Holm Jacob Matheson

and his two successful race cars !


At young age, I was a huge fan of Odd Moseby and Trond Schea, both racing with Anglia, Lotus Cortina , Escort Twin Cam and Escort BDA in the sixties and seventies.

I achieved my motor sport license in September 1972 (together with the well-known Martin Schanche). One of our instructors was 10 times Swedish Champion, Erik Berger.

My first race was in January 1973 on a frozen lake (ice racing) in a group 2 Escort Mexico (BC 15600) with a surprising victory.

My second racecar was another Escort Mexico (BC 17299), which was converted to a RS2000 specification in 1974.

After my first Norwegian Championship in hill climb in 1976, my third car, an Escort RS 2000 Mk II (BC 31634) was supplied from Ford.

I was competing with these three Escorts in hill climb, ice race, rally and on horse tracks with great success up to 1982.

Trond Schea, the famous Norwegian racing driver from the sixties, decided in 1982 to make his comeback in motor sport and acquiered my latest Mk II RS 2000.

During the next six month i borrowed different racing cars, NSU TTS Group 5 (Geir Tørmoen) and an Escort RS group 2.

In 1983 i obtained my existing Escort Mk I (BC 14456). This car was from the beginning an Escort Mexico, imported to Norway in December 1971.

The car was immediate rebuild with a group 2 Pinto engine and successfully raced with this engine up to 1997.

In 1997 the car was finally rebuild with a 2.0 BDG and updated to full group 4 specification, exactly as it appears today.

I have so far achieved 18 diffrent medals in hillclimb, with a total of six Norwegian Championships (1976,1980,1985,1986,1988,1992).

I can recommend the book "60 years with motorsport" (Norwegian motorsport) in which you will find a nice presentation of myself as well as many pictures and interesting articles. You can order the book directly from Norges Bilsportforbund (+47 23254500)

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